When Change Has A Dramatic Effect

They say “the only thing that is certain is change”, this is so true. Today I look at change in the SaaS and Cloud Computing markets

No matter how hard we fight against it, change is inevitable. Indeed, it seems that, particularly over the last ten years, that pace of change has got faster and faster. Think what Amazon was like ten years ago? What about Facebook?

The same is true of Cloud based software as a service offerings. Yes, just ten years ago, they were non-existent. Now, one of the biggest software comapnies in the world is a purely SaaS based company. I’m talking about Sales Force. Force, I guess, being the operative word. It is a startling success story.

And, it’s easy to see why SaaS, PaaS and Cloud computing offerings have made such a difference to the way we all work.

For a start even the largets corporations do not need to sopend nearly as much on IT systems, all the software is now “in the Cloud”, so laptops or tablets are now de rgieur. Historically (I’m going back 20-25 years now), you needed a whole series of mainframes that cost £5-6 million a pop with a distributed network (all hardwired) which cost a fortune to install and maintain. The software was hungry (compared to the hardware), difficult to manage and maintain and often failed.

Old Style Computing

Banks spent millions on running parallel systems (such as Tandem) so that if one system failed a duplicate was always up and running. A whole industry was spawned from these systems to ensure constant uptime…but even they failed sometimes.

So, the Cloud has changed our lives. But, it has also changed the way we not only run our businesses, but how we do business as well.

The rationale behind cloud computing has also lead to a massive increase in start up and IPO companies, And, it’s no surprise really.

The Huge Cost Of Systems

If you had an application that ran on any old style system, it can be re-booted for the cloud and potentially make a lot of money. We’ve already talked about Sales Force, now, think Quickbooks. Accounting software for the cloud. And the beauty is a one man accountancy practice can use Quickbooks as easily as a 100 man business. And of course the pricing is dependent on the number of users. Consequentl;y, the one-man band has access to the same systems and functionality as the big players.

It’s massive game changer and leveller of the playing field.

This movement towards start ups and the use of venture capital to provide cloud software offerings has changed the suppoly model into this market as well.

Recruiting In This Unique Market

I talked to recruiters Harvey Thomas and asked for their observations.

Jon Eyres the M.D says “It’s a completely different supply model for sure. There’s a race on to deliver some applications and it makes for something of a hire and fire market for a start. Companies appear and disappear, sometimes, very quickly indeed. So, wee need to keep our finger very firmly on the pulse of the market”.

How does that makes things different for you?

“There is a finite pool of talent that wants to work in this area of the market. The rewards can be astonishing for a massive success, so the more entrerpreneurial minded technicians, developers and customer success people want to work in this niche”, he says, “The relish the idea they may strike it rich. They are prepared to work hard to achieve their dreams, but the flip side is a lot of failure”.

Career Management With A Difference

“Our job is to know these people and to manage their careers, albeit it colatile careers. We engage with people as opposed to line managers and techies. Everyone can be a software engineer recruitment on one project yet work as a post sales recruiter on the next”.

“It certainly makes it an interesting and very exciting, fast-paced market to work in and it’s something I, and my consultants, thoroughly enjoy.

You can find Harvey Thomas at the following link www.harvey-thomas.com

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